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Exploring Themes of The Joseph Massie Flowers Look Book

A Vintage Vibe has been a theme phrase and scene setter for some time in the world of wedding flowers and décor.  From candelabra detailed with flower garlands to dainty teacups with rose bud plants, it evokes a wedding with personality and individual character.  Vintage as a descriptor is vast though, it encompasses different things to different people but dare we say it, when it comes to theming, it can err on the side of chintz.  Perhaps this is because by its nature, theming is a departure from the original, the feel of something is replicated but not necessarily with original pieces. Whilst a recreation of a style may nod to an era gone by, sometimes the essence of why we originally loved this trend isn’t carried through and this was something that we wished to address at the Joseph Massie Flowers Studio.


As specialists in wedding and event décor, we are proud to have in our inventory a vast array of props, vases and containers with which to style and create your wedding.  They serve as really useful tools to carry our botanical creations and they provide a multitude of options so that each wedding can be customised to your vision.  One of our favourite collections though is our selection of original Wedgewood Jasperware which we featured for the first time in the Joseph Massie Flowers Autumn/Winter 2019 Look Book. 


In place of replica items to recreate the essence of a style gone by, we are championing original pieces.  Hand selected finds of quality craftsmanship and preserved memories of previous generations.  We are using original items with a modern interpretation and adaptation from their original intent, utilising vessels that are timelessly beautiful to create designs that we refer to as The New Vintage.  We envisaged an elegant styling that was romantic in its nature and respectful of its influences and history.  We wanted to showcase the beauty of the stone Jasperware with its characteristic cameo relief designs, whilst also using it to elevate the selection of blooms.  Into the containers we styled ivory Ammi, blush spray roses, star like Nigella and Astrantia.  Whilst Jasperware traditionally was made in what is now known as Wedgewood Blue, we opted for a selection of sage green vessels. We love how they echo foliage shades beautifully and so provide a natural backdrop from which the botanical materials can shine.


One of our most popular designs for wedding centrepieces is the ‘Eclectic Collection’, a carefully chosen cameo of containers, tea-lights and candlesticks arranged and styled uniquely for each wedding.  This can be as simple as you like with single stems, uniform colour or contemporary containers and it can be as wild as you like with asymmetrical design, a multitude of flower varieties and pops of colour.  The beauty of this comes in the personalisation which leads us back to our original talking point, our choice of vessel.  We hand selected Jasperware to use for its quality, colour and visual appeal.  We always profess though that the best wedding flowers are created out of partnerships between our studio and you, so if you have your own pieces you wish to incorporate on your wedding day then let us know and ask us how we can make that happen.


The essence of The New Vintage really lies in its personality, each table can be a little different with its own nuances and each eclectic collection telling its own story.  We often recommend alternating between high and low level arrangements to add depth to a room and interest to your flower design as a whole.  You can choose from tall vases or candelabra, suspended creations or gold hued stands to suggest but a few.  This is where wedding design gets really fun.  We start with one piece and build a picture around it.  Our Jasperware is available for you to select in the creation of your own designs but if you’re feeling inspired with a piece you already have at home then contact our team for a consultation and bring it along to start your wedding flower design process.


If you are feeling inspired and would like to discover the complete look book then follow the link below to receive your own copy of our free to download resource.

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