Table For Two

How To Create The Perfect Sweetheart Top Table

At Joseph Massie Flowers, we believe that partnerships are the basis for creating your wedding flowers.  We work closely with our clients to create an overall aesthetic and feeling that is the summation of carefully chosen, complementary elements.  Some areas demand a feature display, others a hand-picked accessory, in working together we craft these designs that becomes your bespoke wedding day flowers. One of the elements that couples consistently want to stand out and make incredibly special is the top table. More often than not, couples want this table to be a highlight feature, with a design that is truly bespoke and a creation that makes a statement.  We’ve crafted sumptuous, trailing displays that cascade off the edges of tables pooling into a mass of candles on the earth; we’ve designed enchanting, suspended displays that twinkle with tea-lights in glass baubles and form a living canopy over-head; and we’ve assembled together lengths and lengths of candle light entwined in luscious banks of blooms along the entirety of a table ready to welcome the bridal party.  One trend that we adore and takes a little diversion from the traditional set-up, is the intimately personal sweetheart table set romantically just for two.  Read on to discover our guide to creating the perfect sweetheart table arrangement and the reasons we love this intimate trend.


One of the biggest challenges we encounter with top table design is its often large size and the budget requirements to craft an opulent display.  The petite table size of a sweetheart set-up, gifts an opportunity to be opulently indulgent because the budget can be directed to this one creation versus the need to stretch it over a larger, more traditional format.  In crafting a top table arrangement in a space set for two we can focus the budget on a design that is incredibly personal and indulgent just for you.  A favourite way to create that beautifully lush aesthetic is to mass fresh blooms together.  Armfuls of flowers en-masse however requires sheer volume of botanical materials, which over a large table-scape may consume a significant part of a wedding flower budget.  When your arrangement is crafted just for two, this design is immediately more accessible and we can really explore and play with the best of the seasons floral offerings.  In the summer time there’s something about the abundance of combining open wide roses atop summer hydrangea and interspersing it with blousy dahlia heads that beautifully emanates romantic opulence and being able to indulge in such a table-scape is one of the reasons we love the sweetheart trend.

When it comes to designing your sweetheart table arrangement we recommend that you keep your flower design at a low level on your table.  There’s an air of intimacy and an allusion of secrecy when you choose a sweetheart top-table, we believe they are a wonderful opportunity for the newly married couple to spend some moments together and enjoy each other on a day that is often busy and bustling however you want to be able to see and interact with your guests also.  Many statement displays take advantage of height and volume for impact but on such an intimate table this can become more obstructive than show- stopping.  A low level design enables you to interact and communicate with your friends and family, a perfect blend between the intimacy of your private table and inclusion of the interaction of people around you.


Our final suggestion when considering a sweetheart table design is to consider your angles.  You might be seated apart from your guests but all eyes will fall on the newly married couple and wherever guests are gazing from, you will want the display to make an impact.  We recommend that your design looks beautiful from all angles, not just the front.  One option to achieve this is to curve your flower arrangement around the edge of the table so that the design has impact from the front and the sides.  If you position yourself in the centre of the room perhaps you would like to consider detailing your chair backs in a continuation of the flower design.  We encourage you to envision all of your table arrangements and décor pieces working together, so look to balance your sweetheart display with the centrepiece designs on the surrounding tables.  This could be a contrast in height or a paired down interpretation of your statement design.  As always the team at the Joseph Massie Studio are here to help and advise, we love the opportunity for indulgence and the intimacy of a sweetheart table, if you are tempted by its design and want to explore how it could work within your overall vision, ask us to explore the options with you. 



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Special thanks and acknowledgment of the images in this post to Helen Eriksen, International Wedding Planner with whom we worked on this wedding at Thornton Manor, Wirral

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