Classic White

Summer White Wedding Inspiration


The story book image of the classic white wedding is a tale we have all grown up with.  The opening scene where the bride takes her first step down the aisle in a white dress, holding in her hands a bouquet of white blooms will always be timeless.  A white wedding embodies tradition and romance, it is a palette that is forever classic and as a theme it can hold its own across all seasons, amidst any venue backdrop or any ceremony setting.  At the Joseph Massie Studio we will never tire of being asked for a proposal in white because each and every wedding carries its own story and interpretation even if the underlying theme or colour palette is a classic one we have worked with a multitude of times.  Read on to discover why we particularly love white weddings in the summer time and how a minimalist colour palette can be used to create a feeling of luxury and abundance.


A recent studio favourite white wedding at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire emanated an air of luxury and glamour.  Whilst the tradition of a white wedding sometimes equates itself with old fashioned, in this instance, it transformed itself into modern romance.  We love white in summer because the abundance of seasonal materials lends itself to full and luxurious displays.  The colour may be minimalist but the arrangements don’t have to be.  This is why summer weddings can be particularly special, there is a bountiful feel to summer blooms and a blousy character that when used en masse creates lush, glamorous designs. For this wedding, the minimalist single colour choice was echoed with a minimalist and select choice of flowers.  We used only wide open peonies, roses and summer hydrangea to create the displays.  The full character of summer blooms lends itself so perfectly to being used in this way, foliage fillers and small flower detailing don’t play a part, instead full, cloud like domes with a luxurious feel can sit atop their vases and the glamour is held in their simplicity and quality of colour and material.

When working with a single or minimalist colour palette, the tone of the overall design will be more heavily influenced by its accessories and stylings than a polychromatic selection.  For this summer white wedding, the feeling was modern luxury and this was mirrored with clear glass cylinders detailed with floating white candles, modern acrylic plinths to guide our couple down the aisle-way, ghostlike Perspex chairs and a selection of simple and cut glass vessels atop tables.  The character of your wedding will always be personal and an accumulation of all of your carefully made choices whatever the underlying theme or colour palette is.  Don’t be afraid to interpret a traditional theme with a new twist and if you want to explore ideas but aren’t quite sure where to start then ask your wedding florist.  At the Joseph Massie Studio, we co-create your wedding flowers and décor helping you interpret an idea into a full vision for your wedding day. 


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