Summer Wedding Themes

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspiration.

When it comes to styling your wedding, inspiration can arrive from a multitude of sources and present itself in various manners and nuances throughout your wedding.  You may be swayed by your favourite colour when choosing your bridal bouquet blooms, or perhaps an era in time influences your wedding dress style.  Sometimes though there is a theme that you fall in love with and its presence weaves its way through the entirety of your day. One of our favourite summer weddings was a collaboration with Harriet from the wonderful Cheshire Cat Events company on a wedding inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Whimsy, moonlight and magical woodlands are the romantic backdrop for this script, it is one of those stories that plays with your imagination and evokes such beautiful visuals in your mind’s eye that it’s only natural that they come to serve as inspiration for the creation of something beautiful. But just how do we take a theme and transform that into something for you to hold and enjoy on your wedding day? Read on to discover how we brought this theme to life through flowers and our tips for working with a theme to design your wedding décor.


Here at the Joseph Massie Studio we welcome those couples who come to us with a theme in mind, it is a wonderful starting point for stylistic direction and an opportunity to be playful and explore.  Our first tip when working with a theme is; Consider how literal you wish your interpretation to be.  There is a difference between taking inspiration to create something visually beautiful and meaningful to you versus the theme taking over and unavoidably consuming all areas of your day.


Working with our clients to create their vision of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a dream in itself, after all is there anything more fitting as inspiration for a summer time wedding than the magically nuanced woodland story? The setting of this play naturally lends itself to be adapted to table arrangements, personal flowers and ceremony décor with botanical materials and for this wedding a natural aesthetic that hints at being wild and overgrown was a perfect fit. Detailing with materials evocative of woodlands such as mosses, mushrooms and tangled branches transported guests to woodland scenes where our play acts out

Our second tip is; Explore your options. There are always going to be a multitude of ways to interpret a brief so even if the translation seems obvious don’t be afraid to explore.  The colour palette for our A Midsummer Night’s Dream for example could have been expressed in a variety of ways.  Blushes and nudes could have hinted at a dreamy and ethereal interpretation whilst another choice could have been an all foliage offering with living trees as centrepieces.  We love all foliage options for a cost effective way to explore statement displays and when using living trees as a part of your décor we recommend gifting them to guests or planting in your home garden.   For this wedding a bright and bold choice of a polychromatic colour scheme hinted at the whimsy of the plays narrative and was the perfect choice to stand out against the darker décor of the venue.


Our third tip is; Be consistent with your theme, there’s an elegance to a wedding that is achieved through tying everything together. If you’ve chosen a theme it will be because you love that source of inspiration so stick with it, enjoy it and have fun. Consider where else in your wedding you can play and incorporate little details. For this A Midsummer Night’s Dream day, guest chairs were detailed with trailing vines, bridesmaids were adorned with flower crown garlands fit for woodland fairies and tables were named after characters from the play. Remember to consider points such as your entertainment and menu offerings to deliver an overall experience that epitomises the feel of what you have worked so hard to create visually and as always feel free to ask us for help. At Joseph Massie Flowers we co-collaborate with our clients to create their dream wedding aesthetic.

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