Table Stylings and Accents

Our Guide To Accessorising Your Table

It is true, the Joseph Massie Studio has a penchant for florals, they are our passion and we are proud of our award winning team of talented florists who deliver our show-stopping floral designs at weddings and events across the country.  By no imagination though is that the full extent of our studio offering.  When it comes to designing your wedding flowers we consider the whole aesthetic of your day and to complement your florals we also offer a vast array of accents and tableware.  Everything from luxury linens to drape your tables, to crystal stemware from which to sip the champagne toast and crockery that is almost too pretty to dine off.


We understand your wedding day as an entire experience, the atmosphere that you wish to emanate from the point of your guest arrival through to the last twirl on the dance floor and the enjoyment that you want your guests to have is achieved through a culmination of experiences nuanced with carefully chosen details.  Perfection and your personality is in the details of the day and we are here to help you navigate your options.  Read on to discover our tips to stylings and some of our favourite ways to use accents for your wedding décor.


Our biggest tip is identify your overall look and feel for the day and let that guide you in your choices.  When choosing intricate details it is all too easy to get swept up in a single item that you love without considering the bigger picture.  On its own you might fall for a vintage, decorative rose charger plate but if your wedding day look and feel is modern and elegant with light shades and contemporary glass vessels then the two aren’t going to work together.  Be true to one overarching theme or feel and have fun playing with how you can incorporate that throughout your day.

With your overall theme held in mind you can really start to explore elevating your décor and experience of the day to the next level.  Your guest tables will encompass one of the largest surface areas to dress and it is gathered around your tables where you and your guests dine, chat, toast and celebrate so detailing them carefully makes an impact.  You can choose just one element such as a perfectly pressed napkin in a contrasting linen colour to be detailed with a sprig of foliage inspired by your bridal bouquet or you can completely transform your table-scape with bespoke linens in textures to reflect the season, stemware inspired by the 1920’s for a vintage feel wedding and charger plates that highlight your favourite dessert.  The opportunities are endless so have fun and keep your overall theme in mind to help edit your choices.

One of our favourite ways to take wedding décor to the next level is with a linen choice that diverges away from the traditional white.  Most venues include their own classic white linens to dress your tables however your linen choice can quickly and dramatically transform a space.  With so many gorgeous fabrics and colours available we encourage you to delve into the world of fabric textures and tones.  You can draw inspiration from other elements of your day, perhaps your wedding is glamourous in its feel and your invitations are embossed with rose gold; a bespoke sequin cloth to complement this is a sophisticated way to carry through your metallic element and flashes of gold across the entirety of your dining space immediately makes an impact.


If you love the idea of exploring stylings and accents but aren’t quite sure where to focus your budget then we recommend using your accents to create a feature. When it comes to wedding planning and décor, the intricacies of details can be endless and it is all too easy to become overwhelmed with how best to allocate budgets and where to prioritise. Focusing your attention on a feature piece or element of your day can be a wonderfully cost effective way to have fun with the range of options available to you. A drinks reception for example is the perfect time in your day to indulge in a handpicked selection of glass stemware that effortlessly encompasses the tone and style of your wedding. A classic coupe for champagne in a manor house garden setting or a cut glass highball for a bespoke cocktail at your urban drinks reception add to the overall experience for you and your guests. Similarly in place of draping all of your tables with a coloured linen, you might choose to highlight just one to create a truly special feature. A cake table could be the perfect place to showcase an indulgent linen choice. Consider the texture of your frosting or colours of your bridesmaids dresses to explore fabric options and colour tones.


Amidst the fun and nuances of the details our final tip is to keep in mind the practicalities of purpose for your tableware.   Your table-top décor can enhance the celebration experience and set the scene for your day but it literally sets the place for your meal.  Consider the style of food you are eating and how it will best be served upon your charger plate selection.  Select glassware for all of the drinks you wish to serve during your meal and whilst that beautifully beaded fabric might look perfect atop your tables across your room, it might be uncomfortable for guests to sit around or catch on summer dress fabrics. 


Stylings and accents are one of our favourite ways to elevate your wedding décor to a truly luxury and personal level, at the Joseph Massie Studio we love nothing more than setting a table to perfection and would love to help you with your wedding flowers and décor.  Discover more about our process and book a personal consultation with Joseph Massie to receive your bespoke proposal.

Joseph Massie