Unexpected Summer Colour

Five top tips for creating your own unique wedding colour palette

Some summer colour palettes are timeless; Ivory tones complemented with blush accents, pale pastel pinks alongside soft lilacs and bright whites highlighted by natural foliage shades of green.  We love to create beautiful bridal bouquets and wedding table-scapes with these colour palettes because they are classic, and fresh seasonal materials are abundant in these shades throughout the summer months.  Sometimes though, we happen upon a partnership that results in the creation of something truly exceptional.  


Unexpected summer colour that celebrates the season whilst offering something just a little bit different from the norm can produce a wedding day that is inspiringly personal and visually stunning.

We recently had the pleasure of working with international wedding planner, Helen Erikson, on the most splendid summer wedding at Cheshire’s Peckforton Castle.  Traditional gold and blush tones were elevated with a burst of the deepest claret and velvet like burgundy to create an opulent colour palette that looked indulgent and romantic in the summer sun.  We love nothing more than working in partnership with our clients to create floral arrangements that are truly celebratory and personal to them, so when presented with a colour pallet preference a little bit out of the ordinary we revel in the excitement of sourcing seasonal materials to bring the vison alive.   

Big and blousy open peonies make an appearance for just a few glorious, sun dappled weeks in the year and for this wedding they presented themselves in the most beautiful, deep jewel tone to take centre stage in the colour stakes.  Velvet like roses combined with a sophisticated use of deeply toned cotinus foliage added depth and dimension to the colour way that was elevated as a whole by being in such beautiful contrast to the soft blush tones emanating from the hydrangea and garden roses.  Unexpected colour ways can truly create an impression and impact that feels personalised and bespoke, as professionals we love exercising our creative passions, exploring something new and for our bride, she inspired a day that was unique to her.



If you are feeling inspired and want to explore your own unexpected colour palette for your wedding flowers but aren’t sure where to start then let us help you with our five top creative tips:


  1. Ask your wedding florist. At Joseph Massie Flowers we believe the best wedding flowers are built out of partnership. Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want and that is wonderful, we can absolutely help you create that. If you are not sure though or you want to be inspired or have some creative input then don’t be afraid to ask for advice and collaborative suggestions. We will tell you what is in season, introduce you to new flower varieties and show you colour combinations that work together. This is what we do and we love to get creative, so ask us.

  2. Consider your venue. You will have chosen your wedding venue for a reason, and for the most part, the venue sets the scene and tone for your day. A slick city centre hotel for example calls for a different style of décor to an English country manor house. Walk around your venue, look at the décor already in place, are there any particular features that you love or art works that you can draw inspiration from as your starting point?

  3. Start with your favourites. An unexpected colour palette isn’t about choosing something that doesn’t reflect you and your style, it is about exploring options. If you love blush and ivory, start there and explore adding in one other colour. You might surprise yourself and happen upon a palette you adore.

  4. Colour can come from anywhere. We don’t just create floral arrangements, we can style and set the scene for your whole table. Think about your taper candles and glassware, place settings and name cards, cutlery and charger-plates all set upon luxury linens and surrounded by carefully chosen chairs. Everything on and around your table can be carefully selected to enhance and complete the table-scape. Unexpected colour can appear in unexpected places.

  5. Be brave. Planning your wedding is supposed to be fun, play with the possibilities, explore and develop your personal style. Don’t be afraid to be different, dare to create a day that you’ll love and is unique to you.

Joseph Massie