Statement Summer Tablescapes

Trailing And Tumbling Centrepieces.

When we think of summer scenes we envision balmy days, wide open blooms in colourful shades and a floral scent carried in the air that evokes the summer season whenever we happen upon it.  Summer is a time of abundance, armfuls of blooms carried into relaxed days which are mimicked in carefully curated, relaxed stylings.  The season sets the tone and here at the Joseph Massie Flowers studio we observe that our summer time brides often choose bridal bouquets that look effortlessly hand gathered, with an unkempt and natural aesthetic to reflect the laidback spirit of the warmer months.  There’s a wildness to summer trends as there is in nature at this time and for statement table centres to complement, we love wedding flowers that tumble and trail.  These designs are luxurious and indulgent, the way they spill over a table’s edge evokes a sense that they continue to grow, ebbing and flowing around all they encounter epitomising the character of the season.  Allow us to share a couple of our insider tips for one of our favourite summer wedding flower trends and discover how you can make the most of this look. 



1.       Make it a Feature; Trailing table designs are created to be viewed and admired from all angles so we recommend selecting a position where the arrangement is going to be seen and lauded.  This perhaps seems like an obvious proffer but it is one worth emphasising.  We find that there is a temptation to select such a special design for the top table accompanied by a tradition for the top table to be set as per its namesake at the top of a room.  This positioning often means that there is obstruction of view from the guest tables laid in front and the invitation to walk around your feature table design isn’t a warm one.  We encourage you to imagine your wedding flowers and décor as a whole design that works beautifully together rather than as individual elements.  If you have your heart set on a trailing table feature, consider an alternative to the traditional top table location and position yourself in the heart of the room.  You might also like to consider highlighting your cake table or drinks reception with your statement design instead.  There is little point embracing such a show stopping piece if you and your guests are not able to enjoy the display in its entirety, so consider your locations and where people will be spending their time to help you choose the best place for your feature.


2.       Explore Materials; The trailing and tumbling trend is dramatic and beautiful partly in thanks to the abundance of materials required to create such designs.  Head to head summer roses and hydrangea are alluring and full of romance but swathes of foliage en masse can create a luxurious looking design, whilst being a more cost effective way to explore this style.  It is the tendrils of foliage and vines that naturally find themselves trailing in the wild so it is no wonder that they lend themselves so effortlessly to this wedding styling trend.  If you love the visuals and drama of the trailing table-scape but are balancing a budget, don’t be afraid to explore materials you might not have thought to consider.  An all foliage feature piece for example can be styled beautifully to create the look you’d envisaged and interspersed with vases of flowers or perhaps masses of candlelight to add depth to your design. Ask your wedding florist what is season and what lends itself best to the look you would love to achieve.  It is wonderful to have a vision but if you can also remain open to guidance, we find this is the best way to create truly stunning and personal wedding flower designs.



At Joseph Massie Flowers we believe in working in partnership with our clients to design and deliver your wedding flowers.  Whether you draw your inspiration from the seasons, a favourite flower or a photograph you have fallen in love with, we are here to help.  Discover more about our process and book a complimentary personal consultation with Joseph Massie to create and craft your wedding flowers.

Special thanks and acknowledgment of the images in this post to Helen Eriksen, International Wedding Planner with whom we worked on this wedding at Thornton Manor, Wirral.