Summer Bridal Bouquets

When it comes to creating and executing the designs for your wedding flowers, one of our favourite moments is hand delivering the bridal bouquet.  For most brides, opening the door and glancing the bouquet is the first instance they cast eyes on their flower choices for their wedding.  We witness tears and gasps of delight, excitement and thanks for delivering something beautiful and truly personal. Holding your bouquet for the first time is a special moment because it is one of a kind, it is one of those moments that you don’t get to practice before the day, one of those elements that reminds you that this day is the day and all of your planning, carefully made choices and personal visions are coming together for something truly special.  We encourage our brides to explore a range of styles and consider the other elements of their wedding when making their personal flower choices.  At Joseph Massie Flowers we love to work with the seasons and to be inspired by what is naturally abundant, so for your summer weddings here are some of our favourite seasonal trends for you to explore.

  1. Unusual Textures; Summer is playful and full of light, our clothing transitions to sheer and soft fabrics, our make-up lightens and our hair becomes tousled and carefree.  These softer textures can also be explored though our wedding bouquet style and one of our favourite trends is the incorporation of unusual textures with materials like pampas and stipa grasses.  These elements are feathery light and promote an ethereal feel that sits so beautifully with balmy summer days.  If you love the idea of unusual textures for your wedding day we encourage you to consider your dress and its own textures and finishes.  A complex bridal bouquet will stand out best in front of a more simple dress design where it is not competing with the detailing behind it.  Equally there may be a texture on your dress that provides the inspiration for the texture of your bouquet.  It is great idea to bring along photographs of your dress or fabric samples to your flower consultation so that we can help you and advise what could work well.  The fun thing to remember with unusual textures, is to explore, experiment and be open to something unexpected.

2 Fragrance and Scent; If you are somebody who loves to explore gardens and take time outdoors then you will know how in the summer months the scent of seasonal flowers is simply carried in the air.  Flowers are in their fullest bloom over summer, they radiate their perfumes and if you fall in love with one of them then that scent is evocative of that time and moment whenever you again encounter it.  That is why we love the inclusion of a personal perfume for your wedding day.  Intuitively, when you first receive your bouquet, most brides breathe in to inhale the scent, this experience can be heightened if you’ve purposefully chosen a flower variety with a perfume you adore.  Our studio favourites in the summer months are wonderfully fragrant garden roses and headily sweet jasmine.  The addition of herbs such as rosemary or mint is also a beautiful way to incorporate more natural fragrance.  If you love the idea of working with a particular scent for your wedding day but aren’t sure where to start, then look to your favourite aromas.  What are the tones of your favourite perfume or favourite meals?  Are you drawn so sweet or spicy, citrus or earthy notes?  Scent preference is highly personal so take the time to explore and ask your wedding florist what materials are available that will enable you to create a scent blend that you love.

Bridal bouquet 9.png

3 Bold Colour; There’s something about the abundance of natural light in Summer that elevates colour and allows it to shine.  That is why summer is the perfect season to play with colour tones and get bold with our choices.  We love creating bridal bouquets with colour because they stand out wonderfully against the traditional ivory and white shades of wedding dresses. A bold colour choice doesn’t necessarily equal a multitude of colours though, our bold selection could be kept to one beautiful tone that we accessorise around, a vibrant magenta or jewel hued amethyst to take centre stage for example.  It is also important to remember that your wedding bouquet colour choices should pick out or highlight colour trends that are echoed throughout your wedding details.  What are your bridesmaids wearing or is there an emerald or sapphire in your engagement ring that you would love to compliment?  Think about where you will be taking your photographs and the colours of those backdrops, but ultimately choose colours that you love. 

Joseph Massie